7 Magento Extensions to Improve Your eCommerce Site

The Magento platform has grown immensely in popularity over the last few years and is used by 26% of the Alexa top one million sites, making it the leading eCommerce platform 4 years running.

This alone is enough to convince any online business owners to use the Magento platform for their own sites.

However, using this platform is not enough to ensure the success of your eCommerce site. Such business growth and success is attributed to multiple factors, one being usability.

If a potential customer can easily navigate your website, and find what they’re looking for, they are much more likely to stay on your site. Increasing the likelihood that this session will generate some revenue for your business.

Magento Extensions

A great way to attract customers and convince them to spend their hard-earned cash is by investing in some great Magento extensions.

These will help to improve the quality of your website, and more crucially, they will also make your website more user-friendly.

With this in mind, we’ve created an infographic to showcase 7 of our favourite Magento extensions that will help improve your eCommerce business.


1. Layered Navigation

Ensuring that potential customers stay on your site is important for any eCommerce business. When ranking a site Google also takes into account user engagement metrics such as ‘time spent on page’ or if a user pogo-sticks back to the search results page.

It is for this reason that your site is easy to navigate with customers being able to find what they are looking for with minimum effort. Otherwise they’ll go elsewhere.

The layered navigation feature in Magento will allow your customers to narrow down search results to relevant items by using
different filters such a price or brand.

Using this type of extension will benefit your business quite substantially as it likely to increase conversion rates and improve user experience (UX).

With 73% of internet users leaving an online store within two minutes if the navigation is poorly designed, it’s in your best interests to avoid being a part of this statistic.

We Recommend:

2. Blog Integration

Having a blog on your website is also a great feature that you should definitely consider. By adding a blog to your website you can drive more traffic to your site and boost your revenue at the same time, with business that have made blogging a priority being 13x more likely to enjoy positive ROI.

By installing this extension you will able to integrate a WordPress blog into your Magento site, which has many advantages for any eCommerce business.

Blogging allows you to create content that targets long tail keywords. Targeting these keywords is a great SEO strategy as you’ll benefit from higher quality traffic, and the terms are usually less competitive.

A blog will also allow you to show off your industry expertise and most importantly help potential customers along the way.

We Recommend:

  • Blog  by aheadWorks

3. Email Marketing

Email marketing is an effective way to stay connected with your clients while also promoting your business.

With 95% of online consumers using email and 91% checking their email at least once a day, email marketing is the perfect opportunity to reach a wider audience.

Building your email subscriber list can be difficult, but here are some great strategies to get you started.

Using an email marketing extension allows you to embed links into messages, and this will increase the effectiveness of your emails by keeping readers engaged.

Such campaigns can also help to improve brand awareness and credibility if emails are engaging.

We Recommend:

4. Secure Payment

Having a secure payment gateway on any eCommerce site is vital if you want customers to do more than simply browse through the products on your website.

Installing this Magento feature allows customers to trust a site with their personal payment details, making them more likely to make a purchase with your business.

With 58% of customers blaming their failure to complete a payment on such security concerns it’s in your best interest to invest in such an extension.

We recommend:

  • PayPal by PayPal

5. Reviews

This extension will allow customers to leave reviews on your site. Although this may seem like a small feature, having customer reviews on your site will bring a variety of benefits.

Having reviews on your eCommerce site can also illustrate to potential customers that you are trustworthy company with a high quality product, which in turn will help to boost conversion rates.

Such reviews, whether good or bad, are great for SEO. Many people search for a product and add “review” at the end of their query, so by having multiple reviews for a product you’ll bring in extra traffic.

Reviews written by users will help to get naturally written content onto your page. This is great for SEO, but it also helps to improve the customer’s experience.

We Recommend:

  • Review Booster by Aitoc

6. Live Chat

Having a live chat extension allows your support team to deal with customer queries instantly. If a customer can’t find the answer on your site they may go elsewhere, but with live chat you can help them out immediately.

A happy customer who has had their query answered is more likely to buy the product from your site, and you get to show your product expertise.

This feature is a more personal way to engage with potential customers, and is likely to increase your return visitor rate. Live chat extensions can also save your employees time as they spend less time on the phone and can get on with other tasks during chats with customers.

We recommend:

7. Social Sharing

The use of social media for any online business has significantly increased over the last few years. Many business owners use social media, and it’s a well-known fact that every site should have social sharing features.

Having a social extension will allow customers to easily share the content on your site, and in turn helping to increase the size of the audience you can reach.

We Recommend:

  • AddShoppers by AddShoppers
  • Social Share by Virtual Bricks

We hope these 7 Magento extensions will help to improve the quality of your site, increase revenue and grow your customer base. If you have any extensions that we didn’t feature please leave us a comment below.

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