Agile Project Management - Tools & Tips for a successful eCommerce launch

In today’s digital environment, agile is no longer a buzzword to guarantee the quality of output.  The demand for superior and smooth project rollout has increased. With so many options around, people are no longer settling for mediocre results. 

A 2018 survey of about 600 IT professionals revealed a high awareness of the contribution of agile project management to a business. They have chucked the traditional waterfall technology for the more rigorous testing approach. 

For instance, 8 in 10 organisations are either adopting or in the process of implementing agile. However, the adoption is not as widespread as the IT professionals would like, as a significant portion of their limitations are still limited to IT operations. 

Agile can help ensure the successful deployment of website development, using best practices and continuous testing for each stage of the project. The consumer has peace of mind that their project is being developed in the most efficient way possible.

Here at Best Response Media, we believe in an agile way of delivering for our clients.

What is Agile?

Agile is a systemic and repetitious approach that delivers the project in incremental stages rather than all at once. Using this method, you can break down large projects into several iterations–called sprints–and deliver them with the deadline, usually in two-week cycles.

The method has 12 core principles outlined in its manifesto. But you can summarize them in four fundamental values:

  1. People and relationships over tools and processes
  2. Functional software or service over exhaustive documentation
  3. Adaptability over sticking with the plan
  4. Sustainability and innovation over customs 

The Benefits of Agile

One of the patent advantages of agile project management is flexibility. You learn not to be afraid of implementing a change even toward the end of the rollout. It can be intimidating at first, but you are training your teams to make adjustments and revisions under pressure.

Here are some of the benefits of the agile project management for your eCommerce site:

  1. Your e-Commerce project is exceptionally adaptable. In your line of business, things are moving at breakneck speeds. Those who fail to adapt fall by the wayside.
  2. You can test out functionality earlier rather than wait for the entire project to finish.
  3. You can leverage the latest innovations and technology on your website.
  4. Priorities will always change in eCommerce, but you can easily keep up or shift your direction.
  5. Agile makes collaboration more natural, which is crucial if you are going to scale.

Our Project Management Principles

Best Response Media employs agile management in rolling out a software project for our clients and agents. While we adopt the 12 principles of the methodology, we are mainly focused on the following:

Learn and adapt – When we handle your project, we are drawing on hundreds of hours of missteps and successes. The strength of agile is it teaches teams to learn from their mistakes and adapt to minimize disruptions in future projects.

Break the project into small pieces – Regardless of how daunting the project is, breaking it up into digestible pieces will allow us to tackle any challenge. 

Self organise – Agile empowers individuals to be independent. Supervisors exist to create an environment conducive to producing consistent quality output. It enhances their problem-solving capabilities, and so they do not have to elevate the problem upwards the bureaucratic channel, which could delay the project.

Continuous delivery — We can work on several sprints simultaneously, which means the timelines can be moved quicker. The client is also assured of consistent output.

The Scrum Approach

The scrum is the most popular approach to agile project management. But there are other methods, as well, such as Kanban, Crystal, Extreme Programming, and Lean.

In the scrum approach, we deliver batches of work or software functionality every two to four weeks, depending on the timelines. As we move along the project development, we refine the work ahead of the launch date.

Tools that deliver


Jira is a software that makes agile development easier, particularly when multitasking on projects and tasks. It supports traditional methodologies like Kanban, Scrum, or XP. However, you can also customise the values to make your unique combination. 


Slack is mainly used to make sure you are always connected to your teams. It is also compatible with Jira and other apps. Team members can easily visualize project cycles and development and share them with others. Using the app, you can see finished projects, individual assignments, ongoing commitments, timeline, and priority tasks.

Tips to keep things moving

Finally, here are our tips to keep your eCommerce project moving.

  • Communication is key – Constant correspondence is crucial in agile project management. Although you are shifting from the traditional form to a more casual style, it does not take away on the importance of being on the same page. Fortunately, multiple apps will help enhance teamwork and collaboration. 
  • Following ceremonies – One vital tenet of agile is evolution. While each member has greater independence when working on sprints, each process and step are evaluated to spot points that could be improved. For example, you may need to adopt planning meetings, weekly stand-ups, and retrospective assessments during the project implementation. 
  • Motivate the team about the end goal – In an agile environment, organisations are under pressure to perform in short time cycles. Positive reinforcement will go a long way to boosting their confidence. The traditional carrot and stick approach does not necessarily work on IT professionals since they know their capabilities. Besides, they are already self-motivated. Motivation here means giving them more elbow room to work, challenging them to help achieve a higher purpose, and, of course, rewarding their efforts.  

Having problems running your eCommerce development off the ground? Contact Best Response Media and let us take the problem off your hands. 

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