AI power is now available in Magento Commerce

Automated machine learning product recommendations are now exclusively available for Magento Commerce merchants, powered by Adobe’s leading AI software Adobe Sensei, at no additional cost.

Adobe Sensei uses artificial intelligence to perform a deep analysis of aggregated visitor data. This data results in highly engaging and personalised experiences for your customers, such as “Customers who viewed this product also viewed”.

The product recommendations extension was built by Magento and is driven by Adobe Sensei so that you can confidently drive engagement and conversion. Removing all of the manual work required to make relevant product recommendations to every customer.

Creating a unique AI experience

Providing a personalised customer experience online has never been more important when driving sales in your eCommerce platform. 

“75% of consumers feel frustrated when website content is not personalized. Product Recommendations are a powerful marketing tool you can use to increase conversions,
revenue, and engagement.”

However, by adding this new extension to your Magento Commerce platform it will set your website apart from your competitors. It will enable you to drive meaningful customer experiences by creating a relevant experience map for each of your customers through their shopping journey. 

Not only that but the machine learning algorithms will eliminate human effort in gathering customer data, by automating and analysing your customer’s buyer behaviours and creating unique experiences when customers are looking for a specific product, category or item.

Jason Woosley, VP of Commerce Product & Platform, Adobe said: 

“In the past, effectively leveraging AI has been cost- and resource-prohibitive for many SMBs, requiring them to spend budget on data scientists or another cumbersome technology for their teams to manage. With this release, our fast-growing merchants can easily automate product recommendations to deliver a differentiated eCommerce experience. This also frees up valuable time, allowing brands to refocus resources on other ways to grow the business.”

Your product recommendations are all managed through a dedicated merchant experience that is embedded directly into the Magento Admin. Product recommendations are surfaced on the storefront in the form of units such as “Customers who viewed this product also viewed”.


  • Streamlined setup with auto deployed storefront page tagging.
  • Auto-deployed catalogue data sync keeps product images, prices, etc. up-to-date.
  • Streamlined workflow makes it intuitive to create and edit product recommendations
  • Five pre-configured pages to place recommendations on.
  • API provides flexibility to deploy recommendations on any page.
  • Access a library of nine recommendation types powered by Adobe such as trending, customers also viewed, customers also bought and recommended for you. 
  • Manage everything via an embedded admin-based merchant experience.
  • Status signals display currently active, inactive, and draft recommendations.
  • Dedicated reporting to help you monitor performance. 
  • Global category exclusion rules provide blanket exclusions for all recommendations.
  • SaaS-based cloud service manages all of the complex computation to preserve your site performance.

Power your recommendations

Now you can deploy automated and intelligent product recommendations across your storefronts. Talk to us, Magento development agency experts,  today about how we can help you install the product recommendations extension to your Magento Commerce Store.

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