Bespoke Website Design vs. Template Website Design

There are benefits to both options, but it is important to consider your requirements to ensure that you make the right choice for your business.


A template is a pre-designed and developed website that can be installed into a hosting account with relative ease and can then have content, products and other information populated into it. There are a number of well-designed templates available from online marketplaces for a low cost.

The most important consideration with the template option is that you have to fit your requirements to the template rather than the other way around. It is a one size fits all approach removing the ability to truly customise the look and feel for your audience and their unique requirements.

Often template designs only offer a limited amount of customisation, allowing you to upload logos and make minor adjustments to color scheme. It is important to remember that template designs have been built so that they are general purpose this means that the layout of pages, size of imagery and positioning of buttons can be inappropriate for your business.

Bespoke Website Designs

Bespoke website designs are tailor made websites often created by a team of UX, designers and developers to ensure the best possible experience for you and your visitors.

The entire process from customer and competitor research, wire framing, prototyping and design are completely tailored to your industry and more specifically, your business. This means that your website will have the personality to reflect your company’s values and attract your desired customers.

The UX elements of the custom design will maximise the chances of your website actually delivering a return. Every single element of the website will have been put there for a reason specific to your business ensuring that the usability of the site is maximised.

The prevalence of template websites means that when a website benefits from a bespoke design, it stands out from the competition that didn’t put the effort into getting a unique design for their business. And those that are running on a template merge into one forgettable group of generic websites.

Which option is right for you?

If you are starting a new business and have a very small budget (under £5,000), then a template website would probably be a better option for you. However, if you are an established business or have a larger budget, then you should always choose the bespoke option.

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