Best Response Media presentation at Meet Magento Serbia

This year, one of Best Response Media’s directors, David Wain-Heapy, has been invited to speak at the Meet Magento conference in Niš, Serbia. Talking about ways to implement effective an Conversion Rate Optimisation strategy, he’ll be drawing on his experiences of working successfully with hundreds of eCommerce companies.

With a proven track record of boosting conversions, we’re looking forward to sharing our knowledge.

Meet Magento is an important conference for the industry. Not only does this year’s event help grow the burgeoning ecommerce scene in Serbia, it’s a chance to meet new people from the around the world. Being hosted in Niš — a vibrant, up-and-coming tech city—we’re looking forward to gaining insights from other experts.

With guests from Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia, USA and Netherlands, Meet Magento has grown year-on-year since its birth in Leipzig, Germany.

From extension developers to marketing agencies, Meet Magento is all about growing the world’s most popular ecommerce platform. Together, we think we can make things even better for our clients.

Find out more about David’s upcoming contributions on the official Meet Magento website.

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