Best ways to boost eCommerce sales fast in uncertain times

As retail operations closed their stores & outlets to contain the global spread of COVID-19, attention has moved to online operations to deliver essentials goods and supplies and much-needed business revenue.

It caused a fundamental business shift that has never been seen before, with eCommerce operations having to drastically adapt to new rules in these unprecedented times. With so much going on it can be hard to step back and think about what you can do to continue driving sales and how to look at things in a different light. So we have put together a guide to support you with some quick wins that can help boost online sales today.

New Buyer Behaviour

Lockdown rules have forced many to totally rethink their marketing and promotional strategies, in order to make them relevant to all the changes that have happened in the social world that we live in.  These changes have shaken up everyone’s marketing messages, product launches and advertising plans. 

Companies have had to go back and relook at their audiences, customer profiles and socio-economic groups and rethink. Relooking at how can they position their products to make them useful and relevant to help people through the pandemic, now that buyer behaviours have changed so drastically.

Now is the time to review your website analytics and Magento Business Intelligence data, to see what it is telling you about the new purchasing patterns that are emerging. What are the top-selling products now that might surprise you and what buying behaviour do you now have to consider in all your communications going forwards?

These changes have pulled the carpet under all of our feet, so we have highlighted some top ways you can boost your sales today.

Top ways to boost sales fast

Delivery Tactics

Delivery options for your goods are going to be the first thing customers check out before anything else at the moment, to make sure your company is still delivering and if they can shop with you at all during these difficult times. This is one area, if you can still fulfil orders safely, you can make a difference.

It is also worth being transparent that your company is taking all the necessary precautions to deliver goods safely and are looking after your staff in the process. This will count for a lot when consumers are researching who to buy from before they even look at the products themselves. 

Product Reviews

If you haven’t already, now is the time to implement product reviews on your website. Consumers in time of uncertainty are looking for trusted sources to purchase from. They are turning to reviews to answer their questions when many customer service teams have been reduced or closed. Look at your last three months of orders and create proactive strategies to entice customers to leave valuable reviews.  

Focused Merchandising

Focus merchandising on what people’s new habits are in this new world of lockdown.  What creative new merchandising tactics can you put together? What will consumers need now to help them continue living their life at home e.g. beauty focussing on home spa, footwear/fashion focussing on home exercise and loungewear?

Product Bundles

Look at your product ranges in a new light and see if there are any ways you can bundle items to make them more relevant to consumers needs, for example, home spa sets, home exercise bundles, home office kits, family food bundles etc.  This will not only help position your goods with a good price point but will also help increase the order value of orders placed, helping your delivery bottom line as well

Helpful Content Strategies

Plan additional marketing content that will add value to your target audience, that will help them during this stressful period.  Online video consumption will be at an all-time high across all social media platforms, so it is a good time to create content that will help customers, from video guides, online exercise plans, recipe guides and ways to support people’s mental health. This additional content may not deliver fast return but it will create long term loyalty and grow your audience’s reach.

Email Marketing

Drive personal connections with target email marketing plans, from crisis communications from your CEO on what your company is doing to adapt your ways of working, to more personal marketing touch to your normal email communications. Ensure you have a robust email platform to continue to deliver trigger-based marketing activities and adapt your order based emails to any new business delivery changes.

Partnership Marketing

How can you use this moment to work with other partners in the field to strengthen your messaging and support to your customers? Who can you collaborate with to give something back and cross-promote?

Paid Social Retargeting

After putting so much effort into new marketing tactics, make sure you have set up a retargeted advertising on online and social platforms such as targeted websites or Facebook. To recapture customers that have recently visited your website with a relevant advert. This can be a powerful pull to remind people to complete an order or finish off researching that product they were looking for.

SEO Updates

During these times, when plans and activities might be slightly slower it is a good time to make sure all your SEO data is in order. Take a look at updating your meta descriptions on products to tailor them to relevant, tailored messaging. Ensure that titles are well structured, your schema data etc to enhance click-through rate from Google searches. Make sure you highlight the options to purchase online and your current status for delivery.  

Plan Ahead

This is no doubt a moment in time we will all remember, but now is also the time to plan ahead as things will return back to normal.  If customers can not order from you at the moment, what can you do to prepare for when they can. By creating a deal for products to be pre-ordered with clear communications that they will be delivered after the pandemic is over. Prepare marketing plans for when you reopen, what will be your communication tactics, product and marketing plans to ignite your business back to normal service?

Ask for help

If you want to talk to us on how you can increase your conversions online, or talk through any plans or ideas you have then please know you are welcome to reach out to us and we will be happy to help.

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