Gloverall is one of Britain’s best-loved heritage brands. Manufacturers of the original Duffle coat, Gloverall have been making quality outerwear since 1950, bringing together superior craftsmanship with classic British style. With stockists all over the country, Gloverall was in need of a revamped online presence to take their brand to the next level. Best Response Media were approached to provide a design update and migration to Magento Visit site

The Outcome

The new website was designed to create a faster, more responsive E-commerce platform. By creating more space and being more dynamic with the design, more focus has been placed on presenting the product. The user experience on mobile and tablet versions has been dramatically improved, to coincide with the client’s needs. A premium was placed on promoting the heritage of the brand, whilst making it easy for customers to see the latest collections.
full width design By optimising a responsive design approach, we are able to implement a full-width design so that larger images are able to be displayed.
carousel design A carousel design was implemented to enable customers to navigate the site in an easier and more pleasurable way.
site caching Caching has been implemented to ensure a fast site speed, something that is critical for website conversions and user experience.


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