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We understand the importance of having a beautiful flagship website to centre your online business around. We create websites that convey your brand and your values, built around your own particular look and feel. This is made possible through Magento’s fantastic presentation layer which can be fully customised – while keeping all the great features that make Magento so powerful.

Launching a new magento website

There's really not a lot that our experienced team of developers don't know about Magento, so if there's something you want and it's possible, then it's something you will get!

But before we get to work creating your brand new Magento website, we take the time to make sure we've listened to and understood your exact requirements. Our business is built on creating and maintaining a strong and lasting relationship with each of our partners, and communication is key to this.

Select your Magento platform

Best Response Media is a forward-thinking agency. That’s why our websites launch on Magento 2 – the eCommerce standard of the future – and take full advantage of its robust capability, reliability and performance.

We create websites using both Magento 2 Commerce / Commerce Cloud and Magento 2 Open Source, depending on your specific needs.

Magento 2 Commerce / Commerce Cloud

Magento 2 Commerce is the best Enterprise eCommerce platform available, offering a complete range of solutions geared towards helping your business grow.

Magento 2 Commerce combines industry-leading features with unparalleled support and unlimited flexibility, making it the ideal solution for any business looking to leave its mark on an increasingly digital world.

Commerce differs from Open Source in a number of ways. Some of the features exclusive to Commerce include: targeted promotions, visual merchandising, content scheduling, reward points, customer segmentation and B2B functionality.

Best Response Media’s expertise and experience working with Magento make it the ideal Solution Partner to deliver your future M2 Commerce projects.

Magento 2 Commerce Cloud offers all of the power of the Commerce platform with a fully managed hosted solution

Magento 2 Open Source

Our development team has years of experience in customising this software to take full advantage of all features and functionality to create some of the most effective eCommerce in the marketplace.

From experience, we recognise that there are many variables in determining which platform is best for your business. We look to make a specific recommendation following an assessment of your requirements.

Opting for a flexible platform like Magento Open Source will bring a number of benefits, including a modern technology stack, modular code base, APIs for integration, scalability, support for database subsystems, payment integrations and minimised and bundled JavaScript for improved performance.

UX and Design

The stakes couldn’t be higher when it comes to providing a great platform for your customers. The right platform will bring your audience closer to your brand and increase conversion rates.

That’s why Best Response Media is dedicated to consistently enhancing user experience across the board, so you get a website that both you and your customers will love to use.

Our UX design process involves using a combination of tools, methodologies, and frameworks. We can solve any design problem in a methodical way, focusing on the users of your products or services.


Our expert development team provide both Magento 2 Commerce and Open Source solutions. We can develop a brand new Magento 2 website from scratch or migrate your existing website to Magento 2.

Whatever your Magento 2 requirements, with Best Response Media in your corner you can guarantee a premier user experience that will help your business grow and drive better sales.

Your eCommerce platform is the center of all your online operations. This is something we take into account each and every time we develop a new Magento site.

Best Response Media has a proven track record in planning, designing, developing and successfully launching beautiful bespoke eCommerce websites using all version of the Magento platform.

Data Migration

If you have an existing eCommerce site, we can migrate you over to the Magento platform. Likewise, if you already have a Magento 1.X site, then we can handle a migration to Magento 2 Commerce or Open Source.

We will carefully guide you through the process of migrating your data, creating the design and building out the custom functionality you need to delight your customers and drive conversions.

Testing and QA

After establishing the relevant KPIs we’re seeking to improve, we will put in place testing sessions and perform detailed analysis to help us improve your design.

We test any changes that we implement, and we never let anything go live that we’re not proud of.

SEO Migration

When you launch your new site, you can rest assured that SEO performance will improve – not suffer.

That’s because Best Response Media’s SEO migration service is designed to ensure that all critical SEO factors are taken into account, explained, assessed, migrated and tested before we go live.

If you have an eCommerce site, large or small, it is essential that a thorough SEO migration takes place to mitigate the risk of loss of rankings or traffic.


Once we’re 100% sure that no stone has been left unturned and everything is as good as it can possibly be, we’ll launch your site.

We understand how important this stage is for you, and we’re on hand throughout the whole launch process to make sure that everything goes smoothly, providing ongoing support and maintenance.


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