Disrupting customer acquisition post-COVID-19

Traditional methods to establish customer value and cost, have historically relied on sales-first retail models and traditional marketing campaigns conceived years before digital and social took hold. 

We have teamed up with Klarna to bring you an interactive webinar looking at new ways of reaching new customers quickly and cost-effectively to aid your retail recovery fast post-COVID-19.

During this interactive webinar, you’ll gain powerful market insight from Klarna’s latest report from 2,000 UK shoppers on how to optimise your customer engagement in 2020, enhance your sales strategy and your customer UX in areas of acquisition, conversion, loyalty and advocacy. 

The report findings explore how historic Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) perspectives could be holding modern retailers back.  Explore a new model for success including the ‘Klarna Effect’, what it means and how it can stimulate a re-investment loop that delivers greater ROI for customer-facing marketing strategies. 

What you will learn:

  • We explore the challenges retailers face and why they have to think differently about how they measure success. 
  • Measuring customer value in an evolving market.
  • Encourage retailers to discover new and better ways to drive acquisition. 
  • Gain top consumer insight on optimising customer engagement in 2020.
  • Ways to enhance your sales strategy and the customer UX in areas of acquisition, conversion, loyalty and advocacy.
  • Discuss new engagement approaches for conversion, loyalty and advocacy to boost CLV. 

We reveal where retailers should be spending money freed from acquisition plans. Giving you deeper market insight to help build revenue, drive ‘gain-and-retain’ customer engagement and fulfil your growth potential in the next decade and beyond. 

Gain fresh insight on the topic of Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) from Klarna and leading eCommerce expert Best Response Media, to hack sales growth and get back on your feet faster.

Reserve your seat today!

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