UK Ecommerce Awards Finalists: Nominations in 3 Categories 

2021 has been a tough year for everybody. The problems of 2020 continued almost seamlessly through the winter, with tough lockdowns, Brexit, international crises and massive periods of uncertainty dominating the headlines for much of the year.

Despite all these obstacles, we at Best Response Media have had the privilege of working on some great eCommerce projects, and we are delighted to be able to share an exciting piece of news with you.

Hard work pays off

We take tremendous pride in our work and always endeavour to deliver the same high standard of work to our clients.

It has been hard work keeping this up whilst we were all forced to work remotely, but it appears that it has all paid off as we have been nominated in no less than three categories at this year’s UK eCommerce Awards!

Moments like this make it all worth it, and our entire team are absolutely thrilled to be recognised in this way. We’re an independent agency operating in a highly competitive and ever-changing industry, so knowing that our clients and industry bodies appreciate our work is an amazing feeling.

Best eCommerce websites in Fashion, Food/Drink and best eCom website of the year

We have multiple nominations in categories. Our nominations include:

Fashion/ Apparel or Footwear eCommerce Website of the Year 

We have two nominations here for the Magento Cloud implementations we conducted for Temperley and Tower London. Both implementations focused on creating robust structures and modern layouts that would allow these businesses to further expand into international markets.

Food and Drink eCommerce Website of the Year

Again, we are lucky enough to have two horses in this race, and both come from our successful Magento Commerce Cloud implementations for PAUL bakeries and JING Tea. Both these businesses came to us with ambitious plans to expand their D2C capabilities, and we are thrilled to see the levels of success they have reached as a result of our work. 

B2C eCommerce Website of the year

This time we have three projects in the running. Our work with Clinton’sJING Tea and Temperley have all caught the judge’s eye. These projects each came with their challenges, and each required a unique approach. We are delighted to have such a diverse showcase of our work in this category.

Needless to say, it’s a real privilege to be trusted by forward-thinking brands with big plans for the future. If it wasn’t for them giving us the opportunity to work on their projects, there wouldn’t be any nominations. It’s not only our award.

“Every nomination is a confirmation of the quality of the work we’re doing. We are focused on building e-commerce websites, but also giving the clients solutions to their challenges, diverting the know-how to actual visible solutions” said David Wain-Heapy, our director at Best Response Media, one of the leading Magento agencies in London.

 We love nothing more than getting to know our clients and their businesses and providing them with the tools and strategies to realise their full potential and catapult themselves to the next level. 

eCommerce is amongst the world’s fastest-growing industries, so it’s imperative that brands feel comfortable when putting one of their most crucial revenue streams in the hands of a third party. We are honoured to be trusted by these brands in this way.  

Waiting for Awards Ceremony

The nominations are a prize in themselves, and we are elated to be listed alongside so many other fantastic pieces of work. The winners will be announced on the 4th of November; hopefully, we’ll be able to share some more good news with you in the aftermath.

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