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As a multi-award-winning eCommerce SEO agency, we know what it takes to help brands stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons.

eCommerce SEO

We have been developing and perfecting our unique set of SEO strategies and formulas that will not only draw attention to your business but also build trust between you and your potential customers in a way that will lead to profitable long-term relationships in the future.

We understand that good SEO is at the core of every successful eCommerce business, that’s why we expect that all of our eCommerce SEO services will help you climb search rankings, save you time and give you a high and speedy return on your investment.

 What are the benefits?

More visits

More traffic means more customers and more customers means more revenue. By providing your eCommerce business with the tools needed to climb the search rankings and get ahead of the closest competition, we can ensure that your business enjoys a bigger share of the market and has the foundations in place to continue growing.

Higher ROI

Our methodical, practical and personalised approach to SEO has a proven track record when it comes to helping eCommerce brands achieve and surpass their goals.

We have been working as a Magento SEO agency for a long time and we’ve become masters at using our platform to quickly implement fast acting SEO changes that will bring you speedy returns on investment and tangible increases to your conversion rates.

More sales

We’re an eCommerce SEO agency whose number one goal is always to help our clients boost traffic, bring in new customers and ultimately grow their online revenues.

That’s why we only use tried and tested methods that are the most suited to your business’s unique brand and your own personal goals. This makes it much easier for your site to climb the search rankings, reach new audiences and take your conversion rates to the next level.

Improved targeting

Thorough audience research is an integral part of all our eCommerce SEO services. This enables us to identify the keywords that will resonate the most with your target audience and lets us know how best we can optimise key areas of your site around them.

We can use the results of this process to specifically target those audiences that will appreciate your brand the most and will offer you the highest increase in conversion rates and a better return on your investment.

Increased visibility

As an independent London based eCommerce SEO agency operating in a fiercely competitive industry, we understand the importance of standing out from the rest of the pack. That’s why all of our eCommerce SEO services always include a wealth of brand building processes. This works to compliment the other work we do on the front and back ends of your site and helps to build trust in your business amongst new audiences.

By pushing your business further up the search rankings, we can also ensure that you enjoy a higher share of the market. It’s been proven that the top five results enjoy over 67% of the traffic for that search term, so you can expect to see more customers coming to your business the higher up you climb.

 SEO Services

Keyword research

Keywords are the bread and butter of SEO and our detailed research process helps us quickly identify the exact keywords and phrases that will bring more organic traffic to your eCommerce site.

Using these words as building blocks, we can begin to craft content around them that will not only strike a chord with your new and existing customers, but will also be appreciated by the bots that decide how highly your page’s rank on the search engines.

Competitor research

You don’t succeed as an independent eCommerce agency in London without knowing how to get and stay ahead of the competition. We have perfected this instinct over the years and it is something that has come to influence our SEO strategies.

We always conduct a thorough audit of all your closest industry competitors. Understanding what the competition is doing not only gives us ideas of how to improve your own site, it also shows us what keywords they are optimising around and how we can do it better. The results of our audit then in turn allow us to develop and create content for you that will enable you to come out on top in the rankings.

Site architecture

The structure of your site is a key component of every good SEO strategy. Think of it as the transport system by which search engine crawlers explore and index your eCommerce site. The harder you make it for them to get around it, the lower they will end up ranking your store.

We conduct a thorough review of your site’s entire architecture to make sure it is free of broken links, incomplete metadata, poorly organised UX features and anything else that could harm your rankings.

Technical SEO

All our strategies begin with an in-depth assessment of your site’s technical SEO. This helps us to build up a clear picture of your site’s current condition and helps us identify key areas to improve.

Following this assessment, we’ll share our findings with you along with some recommendations on how we can proceed. These suggestions might involve ideas on how we can improve your loading speeds, build a strong network of backlinks and redirects or even on how we can migrate your site onto a platform that’s better suited to your requirements.

On-page optimisation

We begin this process by taking a close look at what your competition is up to. This will give us a better understanding of what keywords they are targeting and optimising for.

We can then combine this information with our own keyword research which will then allow us to identify keyword combinations that have been missed and can be focused on by your website. Based on these findings and informed by an internal linking strategy, our creative team can begin the task of creating the powerfully optimised new content that will go to work on your new site.

Content marketing

As part of our strategy, we will conduct an audit of all your site’s current content. This helps us to identify areas that would benefit the most from an improved content strategy. Once this is complete, it’s time to get into the details.

We will present you with a detailed content strategy and calendar that will lay bare for you what type of content we want to create and when and how we want to release it.

Once this is ready, it’s time for us to begin creating. We’ve been working as a Magento SEO agency and Adobe Gold partner for many years now and we know how to get the most out of our chosen platform and effectively integrate completely new creative features onto eCommerce sites.

Off-page optimisation

Our off-page SEO optimisation begins by implementing a strong link building strategy to encourage users to make longer journeys and reinforce your position in the search rankings. To compound this, we will also do a similar audit into your competitor’s backlinking strategies and reverse engineer it to make sure that we can outperform them in this field as well.

Furthermore, being a London based eCommerce SEO agency means that we are ideally placed to reach out and work with the most relevant social media influencers to your business and get your brand in front of their follower base.

Measuring SEO success

Using all the data we have amassed over the previous steps, we’ll be able to formulate and develop a six-month strategy that will contain all of our planned improvements, suggestions and measures of success. These will be backed up by quarterly key performance indicators that will not only keep you informed on the progress of our work but will also form the skeleton for a results-based formula that we can continue building upon further down the line.


We value the importance of creating long lasting and meaningful relationships with all our clients, which is why we will always keep you updated on the performance of our strategies through monthly reports. These reports will contain honest assessments of our progress, easy to understand progression statistics and any suggestions for further improvements we think your site could benefit from.

This is on top of the quarterly key performance indicators mentioned in the last step and can be provided to you more or less frequently if desired. We will also always be on hand to answer any questions and provide updates on demand.

eCommerce SEO consultation

If you think that your site could benefit from our SEO services but want to make sure that you’re working with an eCommerce SEO agency that you can trust, then maybe our eCommerce SEO consultation would be a more suitable option.

This is a slightly different method of collaborating, where we explain and guide you through an SEO strategy and show you how to get the best results rather than stepping in and creating and implementing one on your site for you.

Professional SEO team you can trust

As we’ve previously mentioned, we are not only a recognised Magento SEO agency but also an Adobe Gold partner. This means that we not only have access to the full range of tools offered by one of the most powerfully integrated and customisable development platforms out there, but that our work has also been recognised as industry leading and has earned us the right to further develop the platform to suit our work.

In terms of SEO, we’ve helped some of the most exciting independent brands grow their eCommerce stores and expand into new markets. Whether you want a completely new SEO strategy, a full site migration, or simply want some advice on how you can take your site to the next level, we are always willing to share our expertise, meet great new businesses and collaborate. .

Make your store more visible

If you’re ready to introduce your eCommerce brand to new audiences, climb the search rankings, steam ahead of the competition and work with an eCommerce SEO agency that puts your business first, then please feel free to get in touch via the form below so that we can arrange a time to talk.

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We are a certified Magento partner, and our SEO services have been nominated for and won many industry awards.

  • The Drum RAR Recommended until April 2019
  • UK Content Awards Shortlisted 2018
  • The DRUM Search Award Finalist 2018
  • The DRUM Marketing Award Finalist 2017
  • The DRUM DADI Award Winner 2017
  • UK Search Awards Shortlisted 2016
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