Experience Driven Commerce - CX trends for 2021

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65% of consumers today demand a personalised experience.

The last year of retail disruption has propelled consumer’s expectations of digital commerce. As a result, loyal customers are no longer won by just offering a product for sale, customers are looking for more than this. The experience that consumers are presented with will dictate their decision to make a purchase.

In our second article in our Customer Experience series, in the Journal of digital commerce, we explore the importance of Experience-Driven Commerce for businesses today and how personalisation can drive revenue and customer loyalty.

Experience-Driven Commerce

Experience-driven commerce is the journey you take a customer on to create a desire for your product, rather than telling them what to do with a direct sales message. It is how you live your brand through the experiences that you offer. After the disruption of the last year, a key business focus for 2021 will be focusing on delivering enhanced digital customer experiences and personalisation.

Making every moment personal, every experience shoppable. Adobe.

By using technologies like augmented reality, artificial intelligence and the algorithms behind it, you can make your purchasing journey relevant and personal to your customers. It is this personalisation people want, they want to feel that you as a brand understand them. Online businesses need to start to move to an Experience-Driven model to stay ahead in today’s competitive climate.

Powering your personalisation

If you are looking to adopt the latest technologies to create a more personalised customer experience, read our latest interview with Adobe’s Marion Freijsen, Commerce Strategy expert.

Download our interview ‘Experience-Driven Commerce’ exploring the importance of the experience you create for your customers, and the key technology that will drive your sales in 2021.

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If you want to enhance your CX further in 2021, catch up on our latest webinar with Marion Freijen from Adobe and our Directors Bachir & David talking through the key CX technology trends for 2021 on the link below:

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