Gone Global 2: Sunny Marrakesh

Every place in the world radiates differently. Marrakesh, a big city in the heart of Morocco, is one of them. The erratic patterns, terracotta painted buildings, the hectic traffic, and the laid back desert breeze evenings make it unique.

We made our way there and tuned the atmosphere just to make it more special. We chose this North African city for our 2nd Global Gathering, our favourite event of the year.

At Best Response Media, we believe in our team and as they are scattered around the world, we make sure we all get together for four days.

The people are behind all of the excellent work, and with them, there can’t be a second of boredom.

We worked a bit, too.

Getting the boat to sail 

Bringing a team together isn’t just about cracking jokes (well, it is the best bit but..).

Having smart people in one room is one of the best ways to get new ideas, the most essential part of being in the website building business. We’ve been sailing in the sea of the internet for nearly 10 years now, so we know what gets the wind turn our way. 

Our team is grouped into departments: development, design, project management, digital marketing, support and human resources. 

Teams work better when they understand each other, so when we get them together in one place, we get them to talk about their work. 

The developer talked about the best practices to build a functional website, the project manager explained what can be done for a client to make an excellent website, the designer showed all the details he works on we take for granted. 

We all learned the goals of the Journal of digital commerce from our marketing lead and realised all the hard work our human resources do to keep us happy. 

The link builder made us think about a stronger collaboration between teams.

Living the values

Being collaborative is only one of the company values we encourage in our team members. 

Others are:

  • Insight led
  • Customer Centric
  • Meticulous
  • Empathetic
  • Curious
  • Innovative

These are also categories for our Company Oscars, the people who really live the values get recognised. They get their 5 seconds of company glory. And a small prize.

We didn’t just find out who was the most meticulous or empathetic one.

During the conference, we also found out that one of us has elbows that could get him into a circus, that two, not one of our colleagues, met the royals and also, we have a Guitar Hero 4 superstar on board with us.

Exploring the culture of Marrakesh 

We already said that there’s not a second of boredom when we all meet.

Exploring the lively city of Marrakesh was an adventure itself. From a hot walk in the Medina, we learned several things:

  • Avoid the snake charmers. Don’t worry, the Cobras have their teeth pulled out (allegedly).
  • If you’re going to buy something at the Bazaar, inform your colleagues you’re arriving in 15 minutes. That’s the minimum bargaining time for a reasonable price.
  • Taxi costs 10 dirhams per person, not for all of you. 

You can’t explore a city without tasting their food. We had our amount of tagines, a local dish prepared in a clay pot. 

One of the most authentic tagines we had were next to a small river, where our hiking part of the trip took place. It turned out that a little walk in the forest can get you the tastiest plums and the best memories. 

The end is actually the beginning 

When you gather for four days, the last day seems like the end. But actually, it’s the beginning. It’s the start of new and better relationships, new ideas and projects. 

Next year, we’re sure,  there will even be more of us. 

We’re already looking forward to making another place in the world more unique. 

And finally here’s our video recap!


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