All Grown Up & Global: “BRM’s Global Gathering in Greece”


“What happened in Greece, stays in Greece.”

Well, not really…
What happened in Greece between 21st and 24th June 2018 is on this blog. It was a company trip after all!


So, what did we do there?

Lots of things, but the main idea of the first Best Response Media Global Gathering was to bring our teams from around the world closer together.

We believe in our people and that they are the real masterminds behind the digital stories we produce for our clients.

In the past 9 years, we have made the world wide web a more beautiful place, with the large number of ecommerce sites we made using the Magento platform. In every project, our developers, web designers, UX designers, SEO experts, copywriters and marketers bring that special little ingredient that makes our customers happy, and us, proud!

When you are 9 years old, you want to start exploring so we began exploring and found ourselves the best-experienced people from all over the UK, Europe and the world. As a result of this, we needed to bring everyone together.

And guess what? It was as fantastic as they (we) all are.
We couldn’t have found a better place for that other than that crazy country called Greece; the homeland of ancient great minds that discussed philosophical matters while holding wine in their hands.

Much like the multicultural London, we had to add some Japan to Greece.

Come on, KAIZEN everybody

KAIZEN is a Japanese term that means everyone contributes towards continuous improvements. And that was the idea of our workshop: contributing and bonding.

When you have ideas… just leave them with your PM


Thank you, you are all so interesting

Interesting ideas always come from interesting people. And with the profiles we have in BRM, we don’t have to worry about having lightbulb moments or being boring.

We told everyone that:
– They had to bring a positive attitude (everyone was pretty successful at that)
– They had to bring something interesting from their country – a huge plus for every single employee.

So, we saw a banknote from Serbia with 15 zeros on it, golden sandals from India reserved for men in special occasions, a weird straw hat from Romania, a picture of a Canadian that became the Prime Minister of Croatia and heard some weird stories about Arabic and British culture. In the end, we all thanked the person who brought the rakia.

Golden sandals for macho men from Punjab India
A banknote with 15 zeros on in it

At the end of our workshop, we gave our BRM awards to our people – much like Company Oscars. They didn’t come in categories like best make-up or best-supporting actress but we did have awards for living our company values:

  • Insight led
  • Customer Centric
  • Meticulous
  • Empathetic
  • Curious
  • Innovative
  • Collaborative


BRM people Greeking it (or the even more fun time of the trip)

We worked a bit, yes. But that little work was pure joy. Well, everything is pure joy when you have the Greek amount of sun, palm trees and clean sea.

The most frequent water sentence: The sea is so amazing

When you think of Greece, you think two things:

  • Greek food
  • Acropolis and ruins

We totally Greeked that.

Enjoying a Seaside lunch!

The ruins were a great place to take hundreds of touristy photos and dwell a little about the passage of time.

A view of history

Greek restaurants reminded us that you should enjoy every moment in your life and turned our colleagues into our friends.

How can you not become friends in front of such a beautiful sunset?

Plus, we have some great travelling tips we want to share:

  • There is no point in hurrying a Greek waiter.
  • It’s not you, they are angry with everybody because they have to work.
  • Taxi drivers in Greece take a cigarette break during your ride.


In Conclusion . . .

What happened in Greece can’t really stay there cause it is too worthy to be buried in the sand.

And next year? Who knows.

If we continue to grow as much as we have done so far, we will need to rent an island to handle all of us! Or some luxurious village of villas in Morocco as one smart man pointed out while sipping a drink under the umbrella.

David and Bachir
Both of them are smart, but one of them had a brilliant idea about gathering in Morocco

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