Let's Recap Brighton SEO

The only time Brighton isn’t about discovering street art, chilling at the beach, and trying out a craft beer or something called black mud chai is the time of Brighton SEO.

From 2011, it really outgrew the pub where it started. Luckily, the people of Brighton SEO left that proud fact as a strap line of the conference.

We love coming here. The rush between the lectures is similar to finding your way in the forest of keywords. Plus, this is the only place where you can drop SEO jokes and have a whole auditorium laughing their socks off.

“So, we got some print coverage in our link building campaign. The marketing manager was so excited. The SEO manager said with a smirk: I’ll just upload a PDF for Google to find it”.

Get the joke? We laughed a lot. Oliver Brett from Screaming Frog dropped that while he was talking about creating fake news.

4, not 5 excellent reasons we go to Brighton SEO

There are several reasons why Best Response Media shows up there:

  1. The goody bags are really cool. Some nice sunglasses, a cool mug, funky coasters… even a Lego figurine with SEO on.
  2. Every SEO team member feels like he fits in. The technical SEO has someone finally to discuss the most efficient ways to crawl a website, the link builder is checking if everything is done right, the content marketer’s head is massively packed with new ideas, the CRO expert is figuring out new ways of indulging online shoppers, and the head of digital is covering the new angles. It’s a nice day off for any team in a Magento SEO Agency.
  3. The managing director is just happy he’s in Brighton.
  4. The checklist. We are continually reading industry news and keeping up with trends in search marketing. And Brighton SEO is just the place to confirm that we’re keeping track in the right lane.
  5. New people, new ideas. When you don’t change in the world of digital marketing, it’s like getting yourself on the second page of Google results (to translate this to common language, it’s like being dead). We go there every year to listen to what the leading people in the industry are doing. Going away with just one new idea is valuable for our progress.

Brighton SEO

The recaps

Nearly 100 lectures feature in one day of Brighton SEO, making it impossible for one person to go through all of them. Luckily, we managed to get into the lectures we wanted to, so here’s our team’s recaps.

The tech SEO’s recap – Borislav

Technical SEO is one of the things we’re most proud of in BRM. It’s that invisible power of the page, only other tech SEOs can read.

Brighton lectures on tech showed us the following:

  1. Doing a good job. Listening to guys from Screaming Frog XPath we confirmed that we’re doing the same thing.
  2. Better with automation. We can always be more efficient, and we can do that by automating more tasks with clear motives. The tasks we can optimise our keyword research and extracting data from huge websites.
  3. Content is king, UX is queen. The goal isn’t just higher traffic, but also good user experience which leads to better business sustainability

The link builder’s recap 

We’re in the link building game for a long time, and that’s a game that’s always changing.

Link building, for those who don’t know, is an essential part of SEO.

After everything is set up in the technical part, we are making other websites link to a client’s website. Usually with the help of content marketing.

Listening to new things in link building we made the following conclusions:

  1. Unlinked mentions, redirecting 404 pages and replacing broken links still work.
  2. Infographics became a thing of the past.
  3. You never do campaigns before Christmas (it’s apparent that we all in marketing suffer from pre-Christmas stress syndrome)
  4. Forget about publications or bloggers. If people aren’t interested in your content – no luck.
  5. Don’t complicate content. Make it simple.

Oliver Brett from Screaming Frog made us laugh with his way of link building with fake products.

“Keep the photoshopping real, and if you fake, you can lie as long as it’s funny”, says Oliver.


The conversion rate optimisation (CRO) expert recap – Lika

Online shoppers are getting lazier than ever, and we are doing everything to make their experience easier. We heard some great stuff at Brighton:

  1. Convert and Upsell: Push the customers that don’t know what they want. For example, show someone purchasing hiking shoes hiking poles. BINGO!
  2. Personalise the shopping experience.  Optimising your filtering options will allow your customers to create their own view and see exactly what they’re looking for. That way they are getting that special treatment.
  3. Conversion is not just sales. The idea is to get the visitor the information they’re looking for (intent) as quickly as possible (speed) and from any device (accessible).
  4. SEO + UX = BFF 4EVA: To maximise results, your SEO and UX team needs to be the best of friends! Or at least be collaborative… It’s important to know that the ultimate goal is user happiness and that this can only be achieved if your two teams get along. Aside from the obvious, your website needs to be as user-friendly as can be; it must have a natural shopping journey where quality trumps quantity. 

The digital’s marketer recap – Hardeep

Brighton is as good for a beginner as it is for SEO veterans, like our Head of Digital department. His job is to find out new things in search marketing. Like this:

  1. Run more tests. We’re gonna test more how Google is rendering Javascript pages and pass the findings onto our development team to help better improve our client’s websites.   
  2. Voice search. By 2020. 50% of all searches will be voice ones. We are going to cover that field.
  3. eCommerce. e-retailers are always in our focus. The eCommerce talks were very insightful this year. Highlighting topics that we face working with eCommerce websites. Luke Carthy discussion on growing revenue with discontinued products gave me ideas on how we can implement features into the websites we create for our clients.  
  4. The increase in SERP features. Google is adding Knowledge Graph and Rich Snippets into the Search to present the best answer to the user’s query. That is the future of search marketing. And we’re on it.


And finally here’s our video recap!

Till the next time…

The next blog, the next Brighton SEO conference or the next time you need Best Response Media.

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