Live Chat, a Simple Tool That Boosts Conversions

Fully dedicated customer support and carefully crafted personalised experiences have become a must-have for every eCommerce business that wants to survive in today’s market.

Each interaction customers have with your brand influences how they’ll perceive you and whether or not they’ll choose to pull out their wallets. By optimising customer experience, you can help your relevant prospects move further through the sales funnel, towards making a purchase.

In the past, you could easily deploy aggressive and disruptive marketing tactics and get away with it. Today, you have to position yourself as a problem-solver and actually be there for your customers.

Being helpful and at disposal is essential for boosting conversions. And there’s no greater ally here than live chat.

What is live chat?

Live chat is the modern way of interacting with your customers. It is a software that enables real-time communication between your customers and your support team. In most cases, the visitor will initiate the conversation, or the chat window will automatically appear once the web page is opened.

Live chat can be equally useful for your current customers who need help regarding the product they’ve already bought, and for your prospective customers who need assistance with making a buying decision.

How can live chat benefit an online store?

There are many live chat benefits for eCommerce businesses, especially in terms of building long-lasting customer relationships, maintaining an excellent brand reputation and naturally – improving retention rates. For around 92% of customers, live chat is the preferred engagement channel as it’s convenient, it provides immediate response and satisfies the need for instant gratification.

Let’s take a closer look at the top three live chat benefits for your online store.

  1. Live chat helps people

    When customers are considering to make a purchase, or they are in the buying process – they often turn to live chat for help. It’s only reasonable: they want to solve any possible dilemmas, get value for their money and make an informed decision. Around 79% of customers love live chat because they get their desired answers instantly, while approximately 44% of online shoppers perceive live chat as the most important feature on an eCommerce website.Because your customers communicate with a real human being via live chat, they feel important, heard and satisfied with the attention you provide. Also, due to the nature of this communication, they can ask as many questions as they like.

  2. Live chat generates leads

    Studies show that live chat can increase online leads by an average of 40%, which is quite a lot. When people are browsing through your online offer, there’s a good chance that they are either considering or fully prepared to make a purchase. This is where live chat can be used to “seal the deal”. By engaging in real-time conversations, you can turn casual site visitors into leads, and make them convert.Consider implementing live chat for your eCommerce that’s well designed and accompanied with a warm and inviting copy, and automatically pops up when visitors stay a certain amount of time on your products page. This will hook their attention and possibly motivate them to start a conversation.

  3. Live chat boosts conversions

    Live chat can boost your conversions by more than 45%. Given the fact average conversion rates rarely go over 2%, this is practically mind-blowing.To boost conversions with live chat, you should always try to communicate value to your customers. Invest your time into creating a perfect copy that doesn’t sound impersonal and generic. Make it intuitive for your site visitors, so they know where to find the chat window, and give them control by placing a clear [x] button. Most importantly, train your live chat support team. You need employees who have exceptional interpersonal and sales skills.

The best live chats for Magento 2

There are literally dozens of different live chat extensions for Magento 2. They vary based on the offered features and pricing. Some are free, while others charge a one-time or a monthly fee. There are also extensions that have a pricing policy which includes a lite version that is free and then a subscription model, charging a fee each month, and per agent.

Here are some of the best free live chats for Magento 2 you can consider:

  • Landofcoder – integration of Facebook messenger into your store; unlimited chat history; has a user-friendly interface and allows personalising the chat box.
  • Happyfoxchat – comes with the multi-chat support; allows you to easily track and manage the chat system.
  • Tawk – allows tracking and chatting with your site visitors; easy installation, simple to manage.
  • Smartsupp – unlimited number of agents, charts and websites; custom chat box design; user statistics and chat recording.
  • My LiveChat – multiple chat sessions available; real-time website visitor monitoring; file transfer and typing indicator, and more.

Now that you know what are the best free live chat Magento 2 extensions, it’s time to make a short overview of the common live chat mistakes you should avoid.

Common live chat mistakes you should avoid

It’s not enough to enable live chat on your website and then sit back and wait for conversions to magically happen. With live chat, you have an enhanced ability to up sell to segmented groups of customers. But it is merely a tool, which means you have to use it properly to get the best possible results.

Most common live chat mistakes include:

    1. Not setting the right tone

      You should train your staff to be professional, yet not too formal when helping customers. It’s important to find the right balance and actually be helpful, instead of imposing or patronising. Be sure to be kind, warm, friendly and to let your customers know you’re doing everything in your power to provide them with a satisfying answer.

    2. Making your customers wait

      The whole purpose of live chat is to provide customers with the solution or answer promptly. The faster you respond, more likely are customers to be satisfied and fill their shopping carts. To get better reply times, consider assigning fewer chats per agent and broadening your customer support team.

    3. Using too much automation

      Using chatbots saves you time and energy, and it can complement your customer support practice. It’s also useful for the initial greeting of the site visitor who enters a specific page. However, you shouldn’t overuse automation. Some issues or questions cannot be handled with a canned, generic response. Avoid generic IVR systems that force people to choose their problem from a drop-down list. This can be off-putting to customers and result in their negative view of your website.

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