Magento 2 User Interface: What's New?

One of the biggest developments for Magento 2 is the new user interface. A number of improvements have been made to enhance your eCommerce site and improve back-end usability.

The design has been made sleeker, whilst systems have been streamlined and made more efficient. Below we have listed some of the new features available to you on Magento 2.


Magento 2’s interface offers a sleek new design, allowing the platform to be easily used on a variety of screens from tablets, to mobiles and laptops.

The platform introduces a new navigation bar in a vertical layout on the left-hand side. This allows increased space for your content. This also functions more efficiently on mobile and tablet devices as it is touch-friendly.

The improved navigation makes the administration panel much easier to browse and make changes. Enabling you to manage your site without complications.

Magento 2 Dashboard



New data grids will be available for admin users. Such grids will increase productivity through providing flexibility with in-line editing, and it also removes the need to open and save various elements of grids.

A drag and drop reordering feature has been introduced, along with column configuration, to save time and streamline the process. This will help to increase productivity levels, but it also ensures the interface is easy to use for business users, not just Magento experts.

Magento 2 Catalog



Company and domain information, payment details and shipping cost can all be configured through ‘Stores’. Your new configuration section will enable you to alter settings on three levels: Global, Website and Store view.

Magento 2 Configuration



Various new filter opportunities are available with Magento 2. For example, the ‘Scope’ filter allows users to see the statistics of each store view. All filtering criteria can be identified at once through exercising Magento 2’s latest filter; breadcrumbs. This is possible regardless of the amount of filtering criteria you use at once.

Magento 2 Filtering



The forms have been upgraded for Magento 2 and now offer fresh element types including both single and multi-selectors. The necessity to refresh pages when making modifications has been eliminated as dependent features are now automatically updated.

With Magento 2 you are able to produce configurable products at once, increasing efficiency. Product variations are automatically created and can be bulk edited instantaneously.

Additionally, content staging will enable the formation of products, CMS and other content. After which a date can be pre-selected for an automatic upload to the site.



Magento 2 has simplified the product creation process through offering four product templates that cater to the various styles of online merchant.

This upgrade will enable you to formulate configurable products at one time, simplifying the process. There is also a feature to bulk edit product variations instantaneously.

Magento 2 Product Data



This update is likely to be introduced shortly after Magento 2’s release. It will enable users to generate site changes that will be implemented at a future date. For example, a product promotion that you may be planning to publish in a number of weeks. These changes can also be managed from the dashboard.

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We hope this post helps you to understand and utilise all the great developments featured on the new user interface once you have upgraded to Magento 2. Please leave a comment below if you have any questions.



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