Magento to be acquired by Adobe, our view.

On Monday, Adobe announced their plans to acquire Magento. The multinational software company have agreed to buy Magento for $1.68 billion with Mark Lavelle, the CEO of Magento commenting:

“This marks the next step in our journey to drive innovation across every facet of commerce.”

Adobe has not yet released a full statement regarding their plans for how Magento will be integrated into the larger Adobe ecosystem, however, they have made it clear that they intend to continue to support the open source ethos of the platform and the large community that goes with it.

At Best Response Media, we believe that the acquisition is a positive step forward for Magento. They will become part of a multi-billion dollar software organisation that has much deeper pockets when it comes to investing in marketing and development of the platform. Adobe also made significant acquisitions of Omniture analytics and Neolane email marketing in recent years, now being marketed as the Adobe Experience Cloud. Magento will be sure to harness the power of this functionality in future releases. This will really strengthen Magento’s position in the Enterprise market and enable it to become a much stronger competitor against the likes of Salesforce, SAP and IBM.

Alongside this, its commitment to the Open Source platform and the newly formed Magento Association will ensure that the essence of what made Magento great is protected.

A hearty congratulations to the Magento community and platform growing even stronger as we welcome in the next era of Magento Commerce.

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