Magento Commerce B2B - Providing a better B2B experience in 2020

In 2020, the digital transformation of Business to Business (B2B) traditional sales models will be high on the agenda for many companies. Statistics indicate that although the majority of B2B organisations still don’t have an eCommerce site*, 75% are expected to launch one within the next two years.

If you are looking to provide better B2B customer experience and to bring your sales online, Magento’s Commerce platform already includes everything your company will need to manage your eCommerce sites for multiple brands, channel partners and/or key accounts. However next year Magento will be pushing forwards their B2B product roadmap even further, to deliver an even better experience for larger enterprises and back end users.

These enhancements will enable a more sophisticated B2B buyer workflow including:

Buyer Workflow

  • Quote and order approvals in the frontend, with thresholds
  • Ability to transfer quotes between company users
  • Ability to manage addresses at Company level

Scalability and Performance

  • Support for a larger number of shared catalogues (price books)

Merchant Admin Features

  • View all company user activity in one location
  • View Quote detail from customer view
  • Restrict access to company data by sales rep
  • Granular ACL for B2B modules and settings

Import/Export Data 

  • Import & export: shared catalogue data
  • Import company data to reduce build time
  • Export order line detail from the frontend

Plus access to a B2B Progressive Web Application (PWA) reference theme, to enhance your mobile customer experience.

In addition to all of the above and to further advance the rich set of out-of-the-box B2B capabilities in Magento in 2020, Adobe has acquired the B2B technology giant Accorin, to develop a new approval process workflow and B2B purchasing requirements. 

This Magento integrated technology will empower buyers to control spending and ensure corporate policies are followed for online purchasing. You will be able to define flexible rules to govern when orders must be approved before being submitted.

You will also be able to set approval requirements for orders that are above a certain value, quantity or contain specific products. New orders requiring approval are automatically routed to the appropriate supervisors for signoff via a seamless process. Multiple approval tiers are supported, and APIs are available to enable integration with existing business systems where approval rules are already defined.

If you are ready to explore how Magento can transform your B2B ordering workflow, to reduce processing costs, improve your sales productivity and ultimately your customer experience, then contact us today.



Sources: *B2BecNews surveys in 2018 of 276 manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors

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