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Our in-house user experience (UX) design team is there to ensure your website no only looks fantastic but delivers the best results by putting the website visitor first.
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Why work with us for Magento design

  • We are unique in that we offer unlimited design revisions during the design and wireframing phases of the project.

  • Our UX team is fully experienced in designing for Magento.

  • Full UX process prior to interface design to ensure maximum results when your website is live.

  • We will adapt our design style to your market without compromising on quality and always deliver something that is visually striking.

  • We will not move to the development phase of your website until you are fully happy with the design.


As with development, it is really important that you choose a partner that has experience designing for the Magento platform. This is so that the designs capitalise on the best the platform has to offer. As well as that, performance has to be considered. For example, there are many design features that can lift a page but it is essential to consider the potential effect on performance. The most experienced Magento designers will be able to make the website visually stunning without compromising on the performance.

our process

Each client will have different requirements even if within the same industry, so we always start a new project with a blank page. Before thinking about how the website is going to look, it is important to plan the goals of the site and how it is going to function. This is essential as it will ensure when the site is live, it delivers the key goals of the client.

  • evaluation

    Our UX team will be first to look at a new project. There is a lot of work in this area that will inform the actual interface design, this includes:

    Reviewing analytics data to understand existing user journey and behaviour and traffic performance

    Competition benchmarking to understand industry trends and mistakes

    Visitor flow planning relating to where they are in the journey and the desired action for the particular page that they are on

    Matching business goals with expectations.


    Once the initial research and planning has been undertaken, wireframes will be created to visually map out the user flow on the website, key touchpoints etc. These wireframes will be prototyped in order to conduct user testing.

  • design

    Once the UX process is complete, the UI team will take over to work on the interface design layer. Our designers are flexible to adapt to the client industry and requirements while presenting something visually striking and a cut above the competition.

  • and for the extra touch...

    We also have in-house illustrators that are able to provide custom illustration and graphics if that is part of your requirement.

our clients include

  • birkenstock
  • Aquascutum
  • zaha hadid
  • bioeffect
  • french-connection
  • chinti and parker
  • nigelhall
  • lochcarron
  • heathcote and ivory
  • the natural shoe store
  • hantec
  • mypure
  • black-tomato
  • conrad
  • dean-morris
  • fahri
  • fly-53
  • foyles
  • go-ape
  • fahri
  • hughes
  • lolly
  • lords
  • mm-direct
  • olympia
  • orlebrown
  • racing-green
  • thisworks

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