Magento Imagine 2018: Viva Las Vegas!

Since its induction eight years ago, Magento Imagine brings together over 3000 eCommerce experts from over 50 countries for a three day convention full of talks and presentations. This year, Best Response Media was proud to visit Magento Imagine as a Magento Professional Partner. David Wain-Heapy and Bachir Smahi attended the event held in the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

This year’s theme was “Leading the Charge”. Mark Lavelle, the CEO of Magento, explained it further in that, with the rise of technology and globalisation, everyone has the opportunity to take charge and lead others to something influential. The theme was apropos to Magento’s company vision of available technology for everyone and a world of commerce without limits.

They attended a number of interesting talks about the platform and related eCommerce technologies and met many compelling like-minded people from Magento and the Magento community. They were inspired by the vast size of the convention and the amount of passion from Magento’s ecosystem of businesses and the chance for collaboration with other Magento Partners.

Mark Lavelle gave another inspirational talk later on at Magento Imagine in which he introduced the values of Magento. These are:

  • Be an owner:
    To have the sole responsibility for a process, program, or project; to not pass the blame onto someone else
  • Be agile:
    Roll with the punches; adapt to change easily
  • Be the community:
    Work with like-minded people; work towards a goal with others
  • Be innovative:
    Always strive for better; find easier ways for the clients
  • Be the team:
    Work well with other members; collaborate

We are pleased to say that our values at Best Response Media’s match-up and/or crossover with Magento’s. The amount of enthusiasm for the future of Magento was something that easily excited everyone as they were all eager to see where Magento would take them.

This year’s keynote speaker at Magento Imagine was Jamie Foxx, an award-winning actor, musician, producer and entrepreneur. He shared his story with some songs and dancing, as well as personal anecdotes which left some important life lessons, such as:

  • Push through fear
  • Be a global connector
  • Test your product

These life lessons can be applied in both professional circumstances and personal.

Both David and Bachir returned to London after Magento Imagine full of ideas for how Best Response Media can help our clients do better with a Magento platform and are looking forward to returning to Vegas in 2019 and Magento Live Europe in Barcelona in October 2018.

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