tap into the mobile and tablet market with a responsive magento site

We can ensure that you don't lose valuable mobile sales by providing you with an intuitive mobile and tablet website interface.
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tap into the mobile and tablet market with a responsive magento site

Benefits of a Responsive Magento Website

  • Enhanced User Experience

    Whatever device your customer is using, a responsive website will ensure that it provides the best experience as it adapts to that screen size.

  • Improved Conversion Rate

    Websites that consider the device being used by the visitor convert much higher than a one size fits all approach.

  • One Admin Area

    With a responsive website, you will only have one admin area to manage the website content.

  • Future Proof

    The way that responsive websites are built makes it easy to adapt them to any future screen sizes that may be launched.


why consider a responsive magento website?

With the explosion in mobile and tablet usage, mobile needs to be considered as a part of all new website projects as standard. It should no longer be considered as an afterthought or phase two in the process. We are set to see mobile and tablet usage overtake desktop which will mean that those websites not prepared for this will suffer against the competition.


Multi Platform Users

A key consideration is that people will often use different devices to complete different tasks, e.g. a user may visit a site on his mobile for research but then return after a day or two and complete the transaction via a tablet. In this case, they may want to save an item to their favourites making it easy to recover their selection when they are ready to buy.

Mobile First

Mobile and tablet are not an afterthought in our UX design process. It is essential to consider these at the same time, so that the most important elements of the website are clear and stand out on mobile devices. Each screen size should have its own approach and determine the important elements for the user on that device.

Responsive Simplicity

We develop all of our Magento ecommerce stores using responsive web design methodology. This process removes the requirement for a separate mobile or tablet site and instead the website is built to be fluid and adapt to the screen size that the user is viewing the site on. This means that the administrator only needs to worry about managing one website from the backend and Google only needs to index one website.

our clients include

  • birkenstock
  • Aquascutum
  • zaha hadid
  • bioeffect
  • french-connection
  • chinti and parker
  • nigelhall
  • lochcarron
  • heathcote and ivory
  • the natural shoe store
  • hantec
  • mypure
  • black-tomato
  • conrad
  • dean-morris
  • fahri
  • fly-53
  • foyles
  • go-ape
  • fahri
  • hughes
  • lolly
  • lords
  • mm-direct
  • olympia
  • orlebrown
  • racing-green
  • thisworks

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