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Having a high-ranking website means you’ll benefit from more traffic and more sales – it’s as simple as that. Our highly skilled SEO team will take care of all your SEO needs, leaving you free to focus on other key business areas. As a Best Response Media client we’ll keep you fully informed about your SEO progress – providing you with tangible results throughout the process so you can see how your business is growing.


We know how important it is to maintain your hard-earned search engine rankings during your site migration. Fortunately, Best Response Media is adept at providing seamless transitions and integrations – with years of experience under our belt.

Magento gives us an unrivaled flexibility and scalability, allowing us to deliver SEO services that will drive better sales and help you to reach your KPIs.

We have a proven track record of using ‘white hat’ SEO practices to ensure your site rankings see rapid improvement – and to make sure your site performs well over a sustained period of time. We provide a host of SEO services including competitor analysis, technical audits and optimisation, outreach and PR and link building.

We have been delivering Magento SEO services for several years now, mastering the unique complexities of the Magento platform and using them to our advantage to improve search rankings for all kinds of eCommerce businesses.

Site audit (mobile and desktop)

It’s essential to make sure that search engines can crawl your site effectively. Key ‘on-site’ issues that can hamper search engine visibility include slow loading times, unnecessary Javascript files and a large number of 404 pages.

We will conduct a full technical audit of your website to uncover issues that might damage your chances of achieving strong rankings. Our in-house Magento development team can implement any technical fixes if required. Following this, we will conduct a content audit to determine the performance of the existing content and how well it converts.

Competitor analysis

We know how important it is for you to gain an edge over your competitors. Our SEO team will review your competitive landscape so that we can assess who your key competitors are in terms of traffic.

We’ll look at trends and changes in the market and identify the best opportunities for generating the most relevant traffic for your website.

Keyword research

We will then spend time analysing the best possible keywords, discovering the short, mid and long-tail keyword terms that will drive the most relevant traffic to your website.

We’ll filter these according to how competitive they are, and then map the chosen keywords to the most appropriate pages throughout your website – focussing on keywords that have the potential to deliver the best ROI.

Backlink analysis

We can fully assess your website’s existing backlink structure – and compare it to your competitors’. This will give us an important insight into what work might be required in this area.

This work is essential to creating a successful strategy going forward. It’s based on valuable information like the ‘link-to-domain’ ratio, anchor text ratios and link-building velocity.

Magento technical optimisation

At Best Response Media we know how important it is to consistently keep your customers happy. Site performance and page speed are both critical when it comes to this.

Technical and structural optimisation of your Magento eCommerce site should be near the top of the list when building a Magento eCommerce store – but unfortunately these are very often neglected.

Once we’ve lifted the bonnet of your site and conducted a full technical SEO audit, we can begin to make sure your website is in prime position to achieve a great ranking on SERPs.

There are plenty of things we look for to improve the technical side of your website – like canonical issues, page load times, duplicate copy or content, internal linking, crawler access, category structure and the overall site architecture.

By working on and improving your organic search engine ranking, your site's response time and your conversion rate, you will be taking important and measurable steps towards making your customers happy.

Magento Technical SEO is an ongoing monthly requirement, each month we would need to complete many tasks including backlink audit, content audit, webmaster tools audit. This is to ensure that the site hygiene stays strong for the Google robots when they crawl the site.

Six Month Strategy

Once we have completed the initial audits and analyses, we will build a six month strategy that we will share with you. This gives you visibility on where we intend to focus our attention each month and enables our teams to focus on the most important tasks that will help improve your Google rankings and website performance.

Every six months, we will create a new updated strategy for the upcoming six months and we will continue to work in these cycles.

Content Marketing

Our SEO team are experts in content marketing and outreach. They’re highly experienced in working to create compelling and relevant content that will engage your online audience, and in securing high-quality backlinks from influential and authoritative sites.

We specialise in creating great content that’s built around key search terms that we believe will provide credible value to SERPs and boost the SEO authority of your website.

We are firm believers in the value of a strong call-to-action. We know from experience how powerful they can be when it comes to driving higher conversions and bringing targeted leads into your sales funnel.

Our content marketing services are driven by great SEO and CRO practices, ensuring that, as well as creating fantastic content, we deliver a significant ROI.

We also believe in making full use of any scope for intelligent linking. We consistently gain links on different media platforms and top blogs, boosting our clients’ online performance.

We are absolutely thrilled with the results that Best Response Media achieved for us with the Clan Map content marketing campaign. Not only have we seen a boost in traffic and revenue, the campaign won The Drum DADI award for best use of organic search and was nominated in both the UK Search Awards and The Drum Marketing Awards as well!
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We are a certified Magento partner, and our SEO services have been nominated for and won many industry awards.

  • The Drum RAR Recommended until April 2019
  • UK Content Awards Shortlisted 2018
  • The DRUM Search Award Finalist 2018
  • The DRUM Marketing Award Finalist 2017
  • The DRUM DADI Award Winner 2017
  • UK Search Awards Shortlisted 2016
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