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We prefer Magento over other platforms for its scalability and flexibility for bespoke website development. Magento has an ever-growing support community and a rich ecosystem of extensions, which cuts your total cost of ownership without costing you any control of your business. Being a full-service eCommerce digital agency, we offer an end-to-end digital service for our clients.

Other Magento solutions

As Magento specialists, we are able to offer a number of other Magento solutions to help you grow your business.

Magento Business Intelligence

Magento Business Intelligence, or Magento BI, is proving to be invaluable to businesses that are heavily reliant on data but need a more simplified and effective way of processing it.

Magento BI provides valuable insights into your business. It allows you to analyse your most important customers and most profitable products, and helps you find new directions to take your business.

This in turn means that you can make better decisions armed with more conclusive and informative data. It helps you engage more effectively with your customers, and allows you to meet their specific needs by using a more pragmatic approach to customer insight.

Through this process, we can help your business make more efficient use of its time – and make better use of data presented in a more meaningful way.

Magento Commerce Order Management

Magento Commerce Order Management gives you a more comprehensive overview of your purchasing sequences and processes.

By using Order Management, we can help you gain complete control of your order management workflow, so you can change or improve anything swiftly and efficiently.

We know your customers don’t want to wait around for you to process their purchases.

Magento Order Management can give your eCommerce business more agility – letting you edit orders, billing and shipping details without needing to cancel and replace an order.

By providing this high level of usability and efficiency as standard, we can help you provide a consistently great user experience, and ensure your customers return time after time.

Magento B2B

In an ever-growing B2B market, Magento provides the optimal framework to deliver a best practice eCommerce channel, with the desired functionality offered either out-of-the-box, via extensions, or with bespoke customisations for your environment.

We can help you implement powerful features such as credit limit, custom pricing, quotes and negotiations and quick order, to help you deliver faster and better results with the companies that you work with.

Best Response Media’s acumen and experience working with Magento and its implementation in an increasingly B2B world will help you gain a competitive advantage through improved efficiency, better services and increased revenue.


Our Magento expertise

Here at Best Response Media we are an established Magento Development Partner, having formed a successful relationship with what we regard as the world’s best eCommerce platform. We have a fantastic team of certified Magento developers and Magento solution specialists and we’re proud to be a Magento 2 certified agency partner.

Our fantastic work with Magento is reflected through the numerous awards that we have been nominated for, including the below

  • Imagine Awards Finalist 2019
  • UK Commerce Finalist 2019
  • UK Content award Finalist 2018
  • The Drum Marketing Awards Finalist 2018
  • The DRUM Search Award Finalist 2018
  • The DRUM DADI Award Winner 2017

Having originally worked with Magento 1.X to create beautiful, bespoke websites for our clients, we knew all the strengths and features behind it. With the release of Magento 2, we jumped at the chance to work with the upgraded version of the world’s best eCommerce platform.

We have a team of specialist in-house Magento developers working that understands our clients’ needs, and they’re passionate about meeting them and delivering the best quality websites

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We understand the importance of being able to seamlessly integrate your Magento website with your other systems. At Best Response Media, we are experts in back-end Magento development. We've integrated both Magento Commerce and Open Source with a long list of third party systems like payment gateways, point of sale systems, order management systems, ERP systems, custom systems and stock management.

Our team of developers are very experienced in integrating Magento with a range of systems, including most mainstream systems and some bespoke projects for our clients.

We are happy to advise you, based on your individual requirements, about the best platforms to move to alongside Magento.

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