Magento Stack Exchange 2015 Moderator Election

Stack Exchange has over 130 Q&A communities where people can find answers to questions, or ask their own question and get an answer from the community experts.

The largest community is Stack Overflow, the go-to place for programmers. But the broader stack exchange network is growing fast, from Coffee to Arqade, and our personal favourite… Magento

The Magento Stack exchange community is built and run by its users, and it’s a great place to go to learn more about Magento. But this large community needs moderating, and for the first time there will be an election for three new community moderators who will be democratically chosen through popular vote.

Magento.stackexchange is currently in beta, but it’s in the process of graduating, and the moderator election is part of this process – special thanks to @RajKTomy for pointing this out!

This year’s nominations began on the 17th of August and so far, there are 13 candidates going for the 3 prestigious moderator roles. The final elections end on the 1st of September at 20:00 where the winners will be calculated using OpenSTV and the Meek STV Method.

Take a look at our very own infographic below containing all you need to know about the election. And if you’re an active community member with at least 150 reputation make sure to cast your vote.

Finally, Best Response Media wishes all candidates the best of luck!


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