What The New Magento Cloud Features Mean For You

So far in 2017, we’ve seen some significant updates to the Magento Cloud, opening up a new world of possibilities.

These developments could represent potential game changers for clients and websites who are willing to make optimal use of them.

As well as enhancing customer experiences across all platforms, these new features will help to drive both innovation and revenue in a move that has reinforced Magento’s status as a key player in global e-commerce.

We take a look at five new features introduced this year and what their implications will be.

Magento Commerce Cloud

Very much the jewel in Magento’s well-earned crown, the Magento Commerce Cloud has been groundbreaking in terms of helping businesses meet all the B2B
and B2C needs of their clients.

The Commerce Cloud gives Magento users the ability to manage their own B2B needs according to each individual situation and client, granting them an increased level of flexibility in dealing with their clients and enhancing the services that they are able to provide.

Businesses are now capable of offering more personalised and bespoke services through the use of the Commerce Cloud, through doing this they can benefit from better relationships with their clients and increased revenues.

This all-encompassing platform is versatile and easily operated, allowing businesses to integrate the cloud into their pre-existing strategy seamlessly and see better results in no time at all.

Magento Social


With the introduction of Magento Social, businesses will now be more able monetise their social networks.

This new software signifies the fact that Magento is now meeting the needs of businesses and customers alike, with an ever-growing number of people engaging with their favourite brands and making purchases through the use of social media channels.

By recognising the power of social media, Magento has enabled brands to further their reach and grow their business by efficiently narrowing audiences and targeting them with the most suitable products for their demands.

Through the acquisition of Shopial, Magento has been able to develop this software, which allows brands to integrate the entirety of their product catalogues within their social channels, in addition to conveniently updating social product listings in line with new product releases in real-time.

This in turn will help to transform engagement into conversions and followers into consumers. Using social channels, brands can spread their products and message through creating targeted ad campaigns and taking advantage of cross-platform sharing to maximise their impact.

Magento social has the genius effect of letting their consumers become one of their most reliable marketing tools. Customers can now share their experiences within their own networks, allowing a brand message to grow exponentially through brand evangelism without you having to lift a finger.


Magento Shipping

Shortly, Magento clients will now be able to take full advantage of the new Magento Shipping feature.

They will now have access to global carriers, allowing them to increase the number of new countries that they can ship to and expand their global clientele – at a reduced rate pre-negotiated by Magento.

Thanks to this ground-breaking new end-to-end feature, brands can expect to see a significant reduction in their cart abandonment rate through improved user experience across the board.

Companies will now be able to automate many of their shipping processes, such as order fulfilment, putting more power into the hands of their consumers without compromising on efficiency or processing speed.

This new feature will also enable brands to reduce shipping costs through streamlining many of the processes using more cost-effective automation, as well as using packing intelligence and a carrier rating system to ensure efficient carrier selection and accurate billing.

Magento users will now have gained a distinct advantage over many of their competitors, through ironing out the creases in the backend of their websites, upgrading consumer experiences and increasing their profits.


Magento Business Intelligence

Magento Business Intelligence, or Magento BI, is another new feature proving to be invaluable to businesses that are heavily reliant on data but need a more simplified and effective way of processing it.

It is available in two versions, Essential and Pro, which provide different levels of service at different costs, according to your business needs.

Key features of Business Intelligence Essential:


  • 5 prebuilt dashboards containing 75 reports
  • Email summaries
  • Data from Magento and Google Analytics
  • SQL report builder
  • Visual report builder
  • Export raw underlying data to CSV and Excel
  • Analysis of revenue, AOV and top customer metrics


Along with Essential’s features, Intelligence Pro offers even more customisable and scalable features merchants need to power a data-driven business:


  • Customised baseline offering
  • Access to the data warehouse manager
  • Additional support through customer success, professional services or team offerings
  • Unlimited data sources beyond Google Analytics


According to the Head of Magento Business Intelligence, Robert J Moore, the data warehousing software was created to “Inspire and Empower Data Driven People”. Through this process, businesses can make more efficient use of their time and make better use of data presented in a more meaningful way.

This in turn means that they can make better decisions armed with more conclusive and informative data, helping them to engage more effectively with their customers and meet their specific needs by using a more pragmatic approach to customer insight.

Magento BI is suitable for businesses of all natures and sizes who want to improve their performance based on accurate data, collated and presented in a dynamic and effective way. Magento BI is an exceptionally cost effective and, as its name suggests, intelligent way of maximising a business’s potential for growth.

Magento Order Management

Further improving the overall customer experience of their clients’ websites, Magento Order Management facilitates a more
comprehensive overview of a brands purchasing sequences and processes.

Providing businesses with complete control of the whole order management workflow, means that they can amend or improve anything they want swiftly and efficiently – which is paramount as customers don’t want to wait around to process their purchases.

Magento Order Management provides e-commerce businesses with even more pliability as users can now seamlessly edit orders, billing and shipping details without needing to cancel and replace an order.

With an increased level of flexibility and autonomy, Magento Order Management ensures a smooth progression from start to finish, resulting in decreased cart abandonment and improved sales figures.

By providing this high level of usability and efficiency as standard, businesses can provide consistently improved user experience and ensure their customers come back time after time.

Needless to say, Magento has given us plenty to think about already in 2017. Their ability to consistently aid businesses and clients in improving customer experience, whilst cutting costs at the same time,  allows them to remain at the forefront of e-commerce development. With no sign of slowing down at any time soon, we’re eagerly looking forward to the next best thing to come.

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