Next-generation of AI product recommendations - Adobe Sensei

It was announced at Magento Live Europe this month that the next generation of artificial intelligence (AI) personalised product experiences will be coming to Magento Commerce next year, powered by Adobe Sensei.

This product development blew our mind, with the power and opportunity, machine learning will give to our Magento merchants.

“We have had rules-based recommendations for years and years, but we’ve rewritten this capability to be driven by Adobe Sensei,”
Peter Sheldon, Senior Director of Strategy, Adobe

As more content and more customer interactions go online, it is becoming harder to keep up with the amount of data the eCommerce landscape is generating. Customer’s needs are evolving so quickly, yet everyone is pushing to provide personalised experiences that are meaningful.

With Adobe Sensei’s AI embedded in your Magento store, it will enable your brand to leverage data to drive real-time relevance and truly engaging personalised shopping experiences.

Soon this will be in your brand’s reach.

Starting in January 2020, Adobe will be opening an Early Access Program to Magento Commerce customers. Once the program kicks off, participating merchants will be able to embed the feature in their Magento storefront and reap the benefits immediately.

Key benefits include:

  • Instantaneous gathering and analysing of shopper behaviour.
  • Highly personalised product recommendations.
  • Increased sales by adding product recommendations to relevant store pages like the product details page.
  • Defined global exclusion categories that take into account important business contexts such as inventory or pricing level.
  • Custom product recommendations widgets across your site, built using flexible APIs.

As an Enterprise Magento Partner, we are proud that Magento is always looking to introduce new robust capabilities to help merchants and brands of all sizes compete and grow.

Adobe Sensei’s product recommendations feature is just one of many capabilities that they are working on to leverage data and give Magento Commerce merchants a direct way to deliver more relevant commerce experiences to their customers.

Next year is going to be a very exciting time for Magento and Adobe, so watch this space for all the latest developments and get in touch with us to find out more.

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