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The speed of your website plays a crucial role in how Google and other search engines assess its usability – and consequently – how they rank it. A slow website, or one that has technical errors means a lower Google ranking and a drop in your conversion rate. We can help you avoid this by optimising your site.

Optimise an existing Magento site

If you’re looking to tie up any loose ends and improve your existing Magento site, we can evaluate your site to determine which areas need to be improved or tested

Review code and diagnose problems

According to Magento, “coding issues represent 84% of all performance issues”. If your coding is not on point, then your website won’t be – which means your conversion rate is likely to suffer.

We use Github version control to ensure that any changes made to code are stored to enable easy rollback or code reviews.

Our developers will scour your current coding for anything that might be preventing your site from operating at its optimal capacity. They will optimise all your site’s backend code, ensuring that your business is not being held back by a slow website.

Understand client issues

We like to sustain lasting partnerships with our clients, helping them grow through the services we provide.

A large part of that relationship involves communicating with each client and understanding what their individual requirements are.

If you know what elements of your site need fixing, then that’s great. If you’re unsure, then we’re happy to advise you through this process and make suggestions as to how we can help.

Whether over the phone or at face to face meeting, we make sure that each client is heard and we don’t begin until we have a clear plan of action to work from.

Review Analytics / Session Recordings / Heat Maps

We’re able to “get into the mind” of your customers to root out any problems that might be holding your website back.

We’ll look for anything that could be preventing your customers from making conversions – reviewing your site’s analytics data, reviewing session recordings and heat maps, and more.

Diagnose UX issues

Once we’ve established the things that are driving traffic away from your site or getting in the way of a high conversion rate, we can diagnose these as UX issues and create a strategy to fix them.

Create Priority list

Once we’ve completed our diagnostics, we will be in a position to consult with you and agree a prioritised list so that we can tackle your needs in the right order – allowing you to see steady progress as your website comes together.

Work through sprints to fix issues

We always start with a sprint plan, and work to it whether we’re implementing a couple of minor fixes or performing a large upgrade.

Our in-house developers work through each technical fault in sprints and resolve each issue according to our specific plan.


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Our website audit involves a full analysis of everything related to your website’s level of search visibility. Once we’ve completed a detailed audit, you will have a far better understanding as to why your site isn’t generating the kind of traffic that you want it to – and why your conversions are not improving. Get a free site audit
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