Company background Imagine 2019

Rubik's is an iconic toy brand, with 40 years of history behind it.
The company was founded by Ernő Rubik, a professor from Budapest. He wanted to help his students understand three-dimensional problems, and came up with his "Rubik’s Cube".


Project requirements

When Rubik's approached Best Response Media, its eCommerce site was on a legacy platform that was holding the business back.

The site was inflexible, with a tired design and a puzzling user experience that made using it was almost as hard as solving a Rubik's cube!

It was clear the site needed to move to the Magento platform.



We updated the design and UX, and moved the site to the Magento 2 Commerce Cloud platform.

This meant that Rubik's could take advantage of the array of third-party integrations and extensions to make its platform work harder. This allowed easy implementation of multi-warehouse and multi-country stock and sales. We also set up Spreadshirt integration for an expanded range of branded products seamlessly.

We updated the design and UX, making it easier for users to explore the magic of Rubik's.

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Magento 2 Commerce Cloud We moved Rubik's to Magento 2 Commerce Cloud, the latest version of Magento. We made the sure the site was set up in a secure, scalable configuration‚ minimising hassle and maximising opportunity.
Multiple Warehouses Using the power of Magento, we're able to manage Rubik's multiple warehouses – and allocate stock between them – with one Magento installation.
Spreadshirt Integration We also set up Spreadshirt integration for an expanded range of branded products seamlessly. Customers can place orders for multiple products via Rubik's site – and if the order includes a Spreadshirt product, it will automatically send the order to Spreadshirt for production and fulfillment.
International Stores Rubik's trades internationally, so we built in support for international stores. Now, the team can sell around the globe without reinventing the wheel in each market.
Best Response Media offered a no-nonsense approach to what we wanted. They’ve been really keen on understanding the business: its people, mentality and direction. They provided us a solution that matched our needs, and acted as a part of our company.
Fabrice Druelle Digital Marketing and eCommerce Director, Rubik’s