Managed Paid Search Campaigns That Deliver The Best ROI

Our in-house PPC team build tailored campaigns that deliver the most relevant traffic for the cheapest cost per click.
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Managed Paid Search Campaigns That Deliver The Best ROI

Why Select Us As Your Preferred Paid Search Agency?

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PPC Services

Our paid search services are focussed on delivering the highest amount of conversions for the lowest spend. Whether you are generating leads or direct sales, it is essential that you are targeting the most relevant keywords, have optimised ad copy and drive traffic to the best landing pages.

We are experienced across multiple platforms including; Google, Yahoo / Bing, Native Advertising and 3rd Party Remarketing Platforms.This puts us in a unique position to recommend a truly bespoke strategy. Whether it’s a concentrated Native Advertising campaign to push your on-site content, or a highly targeted E-commerce Strategy on Google, we find the approach that works for you.

Our PPC services are varied and include the areas outlined below.

Full Google Service Suite

Google’s primary advertising product is their text based adwords service, however, this has expanded in recent years to include other offerings including Google Shopping, Remarketing and Display Network. We are able to support you in all of these areas.

Non-Google Traffic Sources

While Google delivers the lion’s share of available traffic, it is not the only option when it comes to PPC. Although it has less volume, the Yahoo! Bing partnership can also be a good option for less competition and a lower cost. There are also other specialist areas such as Linkedin depending on your industry. We have experience with all of these areas and can advise the most appropriate for you.

Competitor Research

One of the first areas to focus on is the competitive landscape. Using various tools we can see what your competitors are doing and where initial opportunities might lie. This gives us the foundation to determine how best to structure your account.

Account Audit

If you have a paid search account that has been active, we will audit that to see if there is any usable data in there that can highlight areas for improvement. We will look at existing click-through and conversion rates, quality score and cost per acquisition along with this, we will assess account set-up, ad copy, keywords (including negative) and landing pages.


Keyword Research

Whether you have an existing account or not, keyword research will need to be undertaken to ensure that we have the most appropriate keywords for your account. This can be an exhaustive process that can also be influenced by your budget. For example, if you have a lower spend in a competitive area, we may need to seek out less competitive keywords that carry potentially lower cost per clicks to start with before moving into more competitive areas further down the line. It is also important to consider the intention of the keywords as these can influence where the visitor is in their buying process.

Negative Keywords

Negative keywords are just as important as your main account keywords. These are keywords or terms that you do not want your website to appear for. A fully researched negative keyword list will drive down wasted spend and improve your accounts efficiency.

Ad Copy Build

Your advert copy is the text that will tempt searchers to click on your advert. Text ads are limited to a total number of 95 characters. The advert copy needs to be clear, relevant and stand out from the competition Our in-house team can build high performing, multi-lingual ad copy that delivers the best click through rate.

Remarketing Banner Design

Remarketing is a very powerful way of reaching out to customers who are already several stages down the buying funnel. Do you have customers with items in their bag, but haven’t checked out? Hit them with a beautifully designed image banner from our in-house design team!

Keyword Expansion

Monthly reviews should take place in order to identify further keyword opportunities. This may be from new products or services being released or other factors that could contribute to new keyword opportunities.

Account Optimisation

Once the account is live, regular optimisation work needs to take place in order to reduce the cost per click and increase conversions. The optimisation process is extensive and includes: cutting under-performing keywords, introducing new keywords, testing new advert copy, testing bids levels and times of day, introducing new geographical locations and introducing more negative keywords.

Landing Page Optimisation

The advert is only part of the process to delivering the best return on investment in paid search. Our in-house conversion rate optimisation (CRO) team can work to help identify appropriate tests to run on your website in order to lift the conversion rate.

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