Rubik's Cube - Live on Magento Commerce Cloud

When Rubik’s approached Best Response Media, its eCommerce site was on a legacy platform that was holding the business back.

The site was inflexible, with a tired design and a puzzling user experience that made using it was almost as hard as solving a Rubik’s cube! It was clear the site needed to move to the Magento platform. We updated the design and UX, and moved the site to the Magento 2 Commerce Cloud platform, making it easier for users to explore the magic of Rubik’s.

“Best Response Media offered a no-nonsense approach to what we wanted. They’ve been really keen on understanding the business: its people, mentality and direction. They provided us a solution that matched our needs, and acted as a part of our company. When you’re small that’s super important”

Fabrice Druelle, Digital Marketing and eCommerce Director, Rubik’s Cube

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