SWAT - Magento Commerce Cloud 2.4.1

Adobe is proud to announce the new Site-Wide Analysis Tool (SWAT) launching to all Magento Commerce Cloud customers on the latest version V2.4.1 released today! SWAT will help you identify potential challenges with your site code that could impact your Magento site performance. The new tool highlights Magento’s commitment to powerful data-driven initiatives that will push forward your success.

What is SWAT?

SWAT is a new single self-service dashboard that will allow Magento Commerce Cloud customers to have access to real-time aggregated data and information on their site performance, issue analysis and end to end diagnostics. It delivers proactive internal support and information direct to customers, 24/7 on many factors that might impact your site’s health.

Key Features of SWAT

With SWAT at the heart of your Magento Commerce Cloud administration panel, you will be able to gain a clear view of your health index and how many issues there are. To give you real-time updates in 6 key pillars of data:

  • Site Monitoring – 24/7 monitoring in real-time.
  • Best Practice Documentation – proactive documentation on best practices
  • Performance Recommendation – on what to fix to gain better performance.
  • Performance Limitations – showing limiting factors to gain better performance.
  • Live known Issues and bugs – live bugs on your systems.
  • Automated support workflow – pull together in live tickets in one place.

It is also importantly PCI compliant with Adobe.

Inside SWAT

SWAT provides a powerful augmented self-service tool, so you can keep up to date on best practice resolutions and links to online resources to help fix any issues you may have.

It pulls together data from key sources; your production site, New Relic, Fastly, and Zendesk etc. 

It gives an individualised dashboard which comprises of:

  • 77+ issue checks (P0 Critical to P4 Low) so you can analyse issues, recommendations, the impact it will have on your site and find out the root cause and preconditions of the issue.
  • 30+ customer dynamics so you can keep track of what has changed on your eCommerce site from SKU, product, attributes and rules that may have changed.
  • 3rd-party extensions & libraries to keep track of all the extensions versions and latest support dates.
  • Log files exemptions
  • Outage information so you know exactly how long and when your site might have gone down.

How do you access SWAT?

Your SWAT dashboard can be accessed in the Admin Panel in Magento Commerce Cloud V2.4.1.

Please note: In order to gain access, you will need to ensure that a new role is set up and that you are assigned a SWAT owner.

From here you will have access to all the latest data on your website performance and be able to pull off PDF reports of your latest site performance and issues so you can proactively manage the support on your eCommerce site.

If you would like further information on how you can upgrade to the latest version of Magento Commerce Cloud and gain access to the new SWAT dashboard, contact us today.


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