Driving mCommerce forwards - Mobile Optimisation Initiative

We are delighted to announce we have joined the Mobile eCommerce Optimisation Initiative, a groundbreaking community initiative set up by PayPal, Magento, and HiConversion, to solve the mobile eCommerce (mCommerce) challenge.

According to Barilliance, some 86% of mobile shoppers abandon shopping carts during the checkout process, an issue the eCommerce industry is keen to resolve.

About the Initiative

The Mobile eCommerce Optimisation Initiative is an open project for Magento merchants and System Integrators to collaborate and learn from each other’s successes and challenges in mCommerce.

The goal of the initiative is to close the gap between mobile and desktop conversion performance and ultimately grow mCommerce revenue for merchants.

Because all merchant sites and their buyers are unique, this initiative does not set out to establish a rigid set of best practices. Results are based on large-scale eCommerce optimisation experiments tested over multiple sites. These are the kind of results that are hard to come by through individual efforts.

Addressing the Mobile Gap

While mobile traffic continues to climb, mobile conversions continue to be the lowest across all devices. 

We know a problem of this magnitude can’t be tackled alone — which is why we’ve joined this initiative. It is our hope that through a collaborative effort, we can discover why the mCommerce gap exists. And find new strategies for elevating mCommerce revenue as a whole.

How Does the Initiative Work?

The experiments for this initiative are implemented on merchant sites through an adaptive experience Optimisation software called, HiConversion. Without much effort on your part, HiConversion implements subtle changes (experiments) to your site that improve the user experience.

HiConversion detects activity and behaviour and deploys experiments based on machine learning. The result is a hyper-optimized eCommerce experience tried and tested on your customer behaviour.

The Initiative currently offers over 75 experiment templates that merchants can choose to implement on their sites. These include:

  1. Streamlined Cart Header
  2. Postcode Autofill
  3. Credit Card Auto Detect
  4. PayPal Checkout on Cart and Product Page
  5. Checkout Button Floater
  6. Checkout Button Security Lock
  7. Mini Cart Checkout Button
  8. Collapsible Coupon Codes

As all merchant sites are different, the efficacy of these experiments will depend largely on the unique needs of each individual buyer and merchant site. 

Join the Mobile Optimisation Initiative!

The Mobile eCommerce Optimisation Initiative is growing! Participating in the initiative will allow you to leverage the collective data of multiple eCommerce sites while performing your own Optimisation experiments on your store.

We encourage anyone interested in building the future of mCommerce to get involved. In the meantime, check out the results of the experiments to date — we promise you’ll be surprised.

If you would like to learn more about the Initiative, get in touch with us today.

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